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Be proud of your smile with the help of Northpark Dental. With a team of dental specialists, as well as family care dentists, you’ll find every service you need within our practice. Whether you just want a routine checkup and cleaning or need advanced periodontal or orthodontic care, know that you can always count on us to provide the best treatment possible.

Our friendly staff and warm and inviting office space will make you feel comfortable at each and every appointment.

Northpark Dental Proudly Offers the Following Services:

Routine Preventive Care and Cleanings — The best solution for optimum dental health is preventive care. At Northpark Dental, we would like to see you on a regular basis in order to properly ensure your oral health. We offer routine x-rays, cleanings, and fluoride treatments that will keep you healthy and smiling.

Whitening — Age and bad habits can cause your teeth to lose their lustrous shine and turn yellow or discolored. Smoking, food, coffee, and tea can stain your teeth, leaving you with a smile that you may not be proud of. Stop hiding behind that closed-mouth smile and turn to Northpark Dental for your teeth-whitening treatments. At the first appointment, we take impressions of your teeth. At your second visit, we will provide you with your custom-made trays, as well as a supply of the concentrated bleaching gel that will be used to whiten your teeth. The trays are then worn nightly as you sleep, generally for about 10-14 nights.

Tooth-Colored Fillings — Also known as composite fillings, tooth-colored fillings are used when your teeth need to be restored as a result of decay or fracture. These fillings offer a more natural look than traditional silver fillings because they match the shade of your teeth.

Crowns — Crowns are considered the ultimate restorative treatment, as they offer full function and protection to previously damaged teeth. Our porcelain crowns also give you a natural and seamless look that will make you proud to smile once again.

Root Canal Treatment — Your dentist may recommend root canal treatment (also called endodontic therapy) if the nerve of your tooth dies and becomes infected. During a root canal treatment, we remove the nerve (also known as pulp) and seal the canals within your teeth – thus allowing the tooth and surrounding tissues to heal from the infection.

Periodontal (or Gum) Therapy — Our office performs complete periodontal screenings and evaluations to properly diagnose and treat any gum-related issues. Periodontal disease is prevalent in the majority of the adult population and our hygienists and periodontal specialists offer a variety of gum-care treatments, including scaling and root-planing, osseous (bone) surgery, and tissue and bone grafting. Dr. Larry Wolff and Dr. Ryan Wolff oversee the periodontal treatment options for our patients at Northpark Dental.

Dental Implants — If you’re missing teeth, have spaces between your teeth, or have severely damaged teeth, set up a consultation with Dr. Ryan Wolff and find out if dental implants may be the answer. In basic terms, an implant is a replacement for a missing tooth. Once the implant is surgically placed and it fuses to your bone, it will then serve as a post for a new porcelain crown. Dental implants serve to restore your smile, as well as full function, and are an extremely dependable solution for the replacement of teeth.

Dentures — Whether you need a full dentures or a partial denture, trust the dental specialists at Northpark Dental. A series of appointments over several weeks will result in customized dentures that will serve you well and provide you with a natural smile.

iTero Intraoral Scanning & Digital Imaging — This technology allows us to take impressions of your teeth and mouth without the messiness of traditional impressions. We can use the resulting images to create custom crowns and bridges, Invisalign trays, and more.

Orthodontics — Orthodontic care aligns poorly positioned teeth. While traditionally regarded as a treatment for children and teens, more and more adults today are choosing to improve their smile through orthodontic care. Besides traditional braces, Dr. Dall’Arancio can also provide a more esthetic alternative through the Invisalign method. If you’ve always dreamed of straight teeth, call and schedule an orthodontic consultation with “Dr.D” today.

Extractions — Although our goal is to help our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime, if the need arises to extract a tooth, we are prepared. In most cases, the extraction can be performed with local anesthetic (and “laughing gas” if the patient desires). If however, the patient would prefer to be asleep during the procedure, our oral surgeon, Dr. Michael Sutley, can provide general anesthesia as an option.

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